IT management done properly

At Microsolve we’re passionate about looking after technology so we created a single platform with all the tools required by IT specialists to discover, monitor and support

every device they manage; anywhere, anytime, at an affordable price.

Microsolve is an internet service that securely connects you to all of your devices, allowing you to manage and control them from anywhere. Microsolve is light on the device, light on the network, quick to set up and a delight to use.

Asset Management

Keeping track of IT assets can be a daunting challenge, especially if the environment is highly distributed, with remote servers, laptops, tablets and smartphones thrown into the mix. High-end hardware/software asset management tools are all very well but when all you want to know is what you’ve got, where it is, and what it is running, they are often overkill for many organisations; and manually updated spreadsheets just don’t cut it.

Device Management

Here at CentraStage we believe IT management can be made simpler, automated and centrally managed. Whether you manage 10 devices, or 10,000, CentraStage takes care of patching, software deployments, maintenance and configuration tasks. Whether it is a simple server defrag, a PC power configuration or a complex software installation, the most efficient way to manage your estate is via our ‘set and forget’ policy-based management.


Monitoring should not just be for servers. Monitoring should be for every device. After all, would you rather know when things go wrong or find out from your users? CentraStage monitoring enables you to monitor every device across your IT estate, regardless of where the device is, and who it belongs to. Even better, you can set monitoring policies and apply auto-fixes when alerts are triggered, so stuff gets monitored (and fixed) without you having to lift a finger.

Remote Support

Let’s face it, there are plenty of great remote control solutions out there. CentraStage brings something different – fully secure and integrated into the product, it provides you with loads of handy support and diagnostic tools, as well as remote control. So you can diagnose and resolve problems efficiently, securely, and with minimum impact to users. With our ability to navigate firewalls, NATs and the like, you can support devices regardless of what network they are on, and where you are. True ‘anywhere to anywhere’ remote support.

Remote support comes free with our On Demand offering, for upto 500 devices.